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It all begins with paper

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There is something reassuringly tangible about paper. It still remains an effective way of communicating and assimilating ideas.

There’s a timelessness to it and a perfect way to capture life’s little treasures from inspiring speeches to defining moments in history.

“Moments that defined modern Poland”, a shared initiative by International Paper, a pioneer investor in Poland in cooperation with Res Publika Nowa is a unique collection of speeches from iconic Polish figures that have been brought together for the first time ever. It’s our small way of contributing to and jointly celebrating in Poland’s achievements over the last 25 years.

We have committed them to paper, a keep sake to be remembered and celebrated for eternity.

As the old saying goes, curiosity has its own reason for existing. Our hope is that the curious minded of tomorrow will absorb, learn and reflect on the ideals and aspirations contained in these “Moments” from their Polish compatriots of the past and in so doing keep the spirit of Poland alive in their dreams for the future.

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